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10 Eye Catching Shipping Container Offices

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Your office is a direct representation of your business, and a great way to leave a lasting impression on your customers is by having a stand-out, unique office space. Shipping containers are a structurally sound and versatile building element. Some very creative and impressive office concepts are made with containers as the building blocks. Here are 10 examples of shipping container offices that impress.

1. This office space is constructed from multiple containers painted in a bright aesthetic.

2. Add windows to your container office to let in natural sunlight or keep an eye on the rest of your business.

3. Containers provide a streamlined look and also save on space by being stack-able.

4. Modification options include leaving the container doors, or cutting out the sides of the container to create an open feel.

5. Use the roof of the container for additional meeting space.

6. Office complex with an industrial chic look constructed of multiple modified container units.

7. Containers give your employees a sense of privacy, while the use of glass keeps an open feel to your office.

8. Functional work space with a modern vibe. Keep the containers all one color for a clean look, or experiment with pops of color to make a statement or add some fun.

9. Good-bye boring meeting rooms. This sleek container board room definitely makes a statement.

10. Containers aren't just for commercial spaces. Check out what this couple did to solve their home office dilemma- a container office in the back yard!

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