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Shipping Container Housing Complex for Unsheltered Community

Shipping containers are gaining popularity as cost effective and sustainable building elements. In Los Angeles, containers have been used to create an apartment complex for individuals experiencing homelessness.

There are approximately 60,000 unsheltered individuals in the Los Angeles area. With the Covid 19 pandemic putting the population at greater risk, the city decided it was time to act and move forward with the building plans for a container apartment complex. Permitting, design, and construction was accelerated to meet the need.

The apartment complex is 64,000 square feet and was completed in only six months. It reached full occupancy the following month. The shipping containers were stacked to create three stories, connected by corridors and stairs. The complex boasts 232 housing units as well as a commercial kitchen, dining area, laundry, and office space.

Each container holds two 135 square foot living units. The builders insulated the containers and cut windows. Each container has its own HVAC unit.

Los Angeles is not the first city to take this approach. From Las Vegas to Dallas, cities across the United States are exploring this option to help meet the need of a growing crisis. What are your thoughts on the use of shipping containers to create housing for the unsheltered population?

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