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10 Stylish Shipping Container Restaurants

Ever thought about making a restaurant out of a shipping container? Conex containers are incredibly sturdy, resilient and affordable, and are a building block that can be upcycled and modified for endless design possibilities. Check out these 10 popular shipping container restaurants- some around the world and one here close to home!

1. Pop Brixton- London

2. Singapore Takeout- London

3. Les Grandes Tables- Paris

4. Wahaca Restaurant- London

5. Bin 702- Las Vegas

6. The Container at Ska Brewing- Durango, Colorado

7. Snack Box- New York City

8. Mersea- San Francisco, California

9. Smoky Park Supper Club - Asheville, North Carolina

10. Taco Habitat- Springfield, Missouri

If you are in search of shipping containers for an upcoming project, or simply some extra storage, contact Superior Containers. Locally owned and operated in Southwest Missouri, Superior Containers is proud to be your wholesale source for conex containers.


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