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What is the condition of your containers?

We carry primarily used shipping containers though we have access to new and one-tripper containers as well.  For a used container, units are wind and water tight.  Expect dings and rust as these have been used by the shipper for many years.  However, shipping containers are incredibly sturdy and long lasting.

What type of floors are in your containers?

Our used containers have marine grade plywood floors.  Under the wood floor you'll find sturdy steel cross members.

What are the dimensions of the containers?

20' Standard Unit

Tare Weight 4,890 lbs

Length 20' 0" 
Width 8' 0"

Height 8' 6"

40' Standard Unit

Tare Weight 8,200 lbs.

Length 40'0"

Width 8' 0" 

Height 8' 6"

40' High Cube Unit

Tare Weight 8,600 lbs

Length 40' 0"

Width 8' 0"

Height 9' 6" 

How do you deliver the containers?

Our skilled CDL drivers will deliver your container to you using a 4 wheel drive Ram 5500 flatbed truck and a 40' tilt bed trailer for 40' units, or a 26' tilt bed trailer for 20' units.  For 40' units, the truck length is the same as a semi, so we need to ensure is plenty of space to get into your drive, typically 14' width clearance to turn in, and 14' height clearance.  We also need 120' for offload once the container is in the preferred place for a 40' unit, or 60' for offloading a 20' unit.  Scroll to the bottom of this page to see some video examples of container deliveries!

What type of surface is needed for the container site?

You need a flat, level and firm surface for your shipping container to sit on.  Grass, concrete, asphalt, gravel, and dirt are all options.  The site must be level or the shipping container doors may bind and be hard to open.   If you have an unstable surface you may need corner casting to keep your container properly supported.  We suggest pretreated wood blocks (3x3 cut to 1 foot length) or railroad ties.  Concrete blocks can actually be broken as these heavy containers come off the trailer.

What color are your storage containers?  Can I pick my own?

We can't pick colors from the depot and the containers range in color. However, we also offer painting as a modification service!  We can paint your container any color- simply tell us the color code from Lowe's!

You can view containers on our lot in Ozark, MO, but please know our inventory moves very quickly!  What is on the lot one week will typically be delivering the next.   Ask us about our delivery schedule availability to get an idea of when a container could be delivered, and when would be best to visit our container yard to look at current selection.  We would also gladly provide pictures to you before your delivery date. 

What kind of modifications can be made to the container? 

Currently, the only modification we offer is painting your container before delivery.   Painting a 20' is $500 and painting a 40' is $700.  You can choose any Valspar paint code from Lowe's!

How much do the containers cost?

Our container pricing stays current with the market.  Contact us via the form submission to receive a free quote including delivery!

When is payment due?

Payment is due for your container at delivery. We don't collect payment up front nor do we require a deposit to book you on our schedule.  Unfortunately there are several scammers out there, so please protect yourself by purchasing from a reputable local source.  Payment goes to our driver and cash/ check is preferred.  We do take credit cards but there is a 4% processing fee added to the invoice for cards.

How do I order? 

When you are ready to order, we just need to enter an invoice to save a delivery date on the calendar for you.  We will need your email address, delivery address, and phone number.  Again, and this is important- there is no payment due until delivery when you have your container.

Shipping Container Delivery Guidelines

Find everything you need to know about getting a shipping container delivered here in our delivery guidelines!


20' Container Delivery


40' Container Delivery