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Building a Container Office | Superior Containers, Ozark, Missouri

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

At Superior Containers, we provide wholesale shipping containers to our customers in Missouri and beyond. When we moved our container yard to Ozark, Missouri and were in need of some office space, it only made sense to convert a shipping container into an office for our staff!

We were previously using a 20' standard shipping container for storage. We decided to convert a 40' standard container into half office space, and keep the back half of the container for storage space.

We paired up with Jerry Sumners of Sumners Construction in Aurora for the project. Jerry's team started by cutting the door and two windows, and fabricating steel frames to add extra support to these areas.

Then, the inside of the container was framed with lumber and plywood, a back wall was created to separate the office from the storage side of the container, and insulation was added. Jerry also ran electrical for us throughout the container.

Next it was time to add flooring. We chose a SmartCore Pro vinyl plank for this project as it was highly rated for extreme temperatures.

Then our staff painted the exterior of the container. We are working with a local Nixa vendor and will soon have our business signage installed on the storage side of the container wall.

For the interior, we painted the plywood walls a light gray to keep the space bright and airy feeling.

In just a few short weeks, it was time to move in! We love having our office and storage space all together in one unit. The container stays plenty warm with just a small ceramic space heater. For the Summer months, we will add a window unit for A/C.

Come and see us! We would love to show you our container inventory and our office space. We are located at 2097 US 160 Highway, Ozark, Missouri. Just South of the Finley River Bridge.


2097 US 160 Highway, Ozark, Missouri

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